Female vaccine truth researcher thanks Second Amendment for right to defend her life against graphic death threats by vaccine trolls

It’s been a pretty rough week for vaccine truth advocate Dr. Suzanne Humphries. On January 18, 2018, she received a sadistic death threat, presumably from a belligerent member of the pro-vaccine mafia, that warned she would soon be murdered.

Dr. Humphries seems to be taking it all in stride, though, expressing in a recent video her trust in God and deep gratitude for the Second Amendment, which offers her the freedom to defend her life against this potential act of violence.

But the video, which was posted both on YouTube and on Facebook, is still chilling. In it, Dr. Humphries and her friend, Polly Tommey, offer an account of what took place the night that Dr. Humphries received the death threat via email.

Dr. Humphries, who authored the book Dissolving Illusions and created the eye-opening presentation Honesty vs. Policy, explains how she was spending time with her family when all of a sudden she received an alert on her phone. It was a notification about an anonymous hate-filled email from someone who not only threatened, but actually promised, to murder Dr. Humphries.

The unknown author of the email reportedly made sure to send it from an untraceable, overseas server in order to hide his or her identity. This is likely due to the fact that, whether or not this individual (or group of people) actually follows through with the threat/promise, the mere act of making it is represents a criminal offense punishable by up to 10 years in prison.

You can watch the video below, with a short introduction by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger:

Since law enforcement doesn’t seem all that interested in investigating this murder threat, Dr. Humphries may have to take matters into her own hands

What’s perhaps even more chilling than the death threat itself is the fact that law enforcement, when presented with its contents, didn’t even want to take a look at it. Dr. Humphries says that when she tried to inform local authorities, they “couldn’t have been less interested.”

She then tried to notify the FBI, and wasn’t even able to get a person on the phone to talk to her. The federal agency, which is currently under investigation itself for its alleged involvement in destroying evidence associated with an investigation into illegal spying on the Trump campaign, instead directed her to a website, where she input what she received and, thus far, hasn’t gotten a response.

This is why Dr. Humphries has now concluded that her only defense is God and her firearms, as our nation’s law enforcement agencies obviously can’t be bothered to protect the citizenry. Multiple times Dr. Humphries states that her protection comes from the Almighty and from the Second Amendment, should it come to that. In the meantime, she has no choice but to go about her daily life with this cloud of potential terror hanging over her head – though she remains confident that she will be protected.

“At the same time, there should be justice on this earth,” Dr. Humphries chimed as a caveat to crediting God as her protector. “We do have a professional hacker who is working his hardest to try to determine if there’s any way that we can find the source where the email originated and bring this person to justice.”

“Thank God we don’t have the kind of gun laws in this country that there are in the U.K. and in Australia and in New Zealand. Thank God that we have the ability to protect ourselves, because heaven knows nobody else on this earth except the angels and God above are going to do it besides us.”

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