Scientists ignored fatal results of TB vaccine, went ahead with trials on human babies

While testing on animals is an undoubtedly detestable practice, it still pales in comparison to testing on human babies. Especially when the product in question has already been shown to kill primates, our close genealogical relatives. But for Big Pharma and other vaccine-pushers, human life is of little consequence — even when talking about innocent little infants. A new report highlights the darkest aspects of the pharmaceutical industry, wherein a team of scientists conducted experiments on human babies, knowing full-well that their vaccine concoction had deleterious effects on other test animals.

It doesn’t get much worse than that, folks; knowingly putting babies in harm’s way is simply unjustifiable and these “scientists” ought to be stripped of their credentials and put in prison.

Oxford scientists give dangerous jab to babies

Professor Pete Beverly, a former principal research fellow at Oxford University says that researchers from the university went ahead with human baby trials of a tuberculosis (TB) vaccine booster, known as MVA85A, that had already been tested on monkeys and found not to work. Beverly contends that the scientists ignored concerning data that showed primates given the TB booster shot had a tendency to “die rather rapidly,” and that there was “no evidence whatsoever” that the inoculation even worked. Doesn’t it seem like that’s always the case?

As Daily Mail explains, the experiments on the monkeys first began in 2006 and featured 18 monkeys infected with TB. Of those, just six were given the experimental booster shot that would later be used on infants.

Of the six who were given the booster shot, five “became unwell and had to be put down.” The death rate was much lower in the group given the existing BCG vaccine, which has been around since 1921. Beverly commented, “It certainly looks, when you look at the rate at which these animals died, that the MVA85A boosted group and the control untreated group all died rather rapidly.”

Shortly after the monkey experiments began, the Oxford team was already looking to secure funding for human trials featuring a staggering 2,800 human infants. According to Beverly, regulators weren’t even given the results of the monkey trial. While the data was eventually shared, even regulators noted it “would have been good” for the material to have been presented in a “more timely fashion.” The human trial, which took place in South Africa, was even more uncouth. Daily Mail reports that parents of infants used in the trial were told by the scientists that the vaccine had been tested on both animals and humans already. Families were paid just £10 ($13.29) to take part in the study.

Adverse reactions raise concerns

While the vaccine was ultimately judged to be “safe,” many infants were harmed during the process. For example, 89 percent of the families given the TB jab reported local adverse events and 80 percent of the vaccine group also reported at least one system adverse event. Further, seven babies from the vaccine group died; “two from kwashiorkor, two from non-tuberculous meningitis, one from gastroenteritis, one from asphyxia due to drowning, and one from sudden death.” But it’s not just the numbers of reactions to the vaccine that’s concerning. You see, the control group also had a high number of reactions — and the Oxford team used this to “justify” the number of reactions seen in the TB vax group as “normal.”

The control group received a Candida skin test injection known as Candin. As the Candin website states, “Use in pediatric populations has not been established.” You’d think that alone would be enough to invalidate this study; many adverse reactions in the so-called control group were also reported, but Candin was not tested nor approved for pediatric use. Not only did the researchers fail to use an actual placebo with no known side effects (Candin’s website states there is a risk of adverse reactions), they didn’t even use a drug that was approved for use in children!

How this TB booster shot ever got off the ground and was deemed “safe” is mind-boggling. Many children have been harmed by careless vaccine-makers, when will enough be enough?

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