NYT now painting Big Pharma CEOs as cultural heroes… even as their products murder millions

The pharmaceutical industry practically runs the mainstream media and dictates the behavior of most journalists, commentators, and talking heads. Direct to consumer advertising of pharmaceuticals topped $5.6 billion in 2016, solidifying Big Pharma’s influence over the networks. The very existence of these mainstream media networks hinges on their loyalty to carry out the agenda of their high paying sponsors – primarily the pharmaceutical industry.

It comes as no surprise that these pharmaceutically-controlled networks would resort to race-baiting to paint their own Big Pharma CEOs as culture heroes, even as their products damage lives and murder millions of people of all skin tones.

In a calculated effort to characterize President Trump as a racist Nazi and distract the public from the heinous crimes of the pharmaceutical industry, the New York Times blamed the President and his “white supremacist” supporters for the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia and praised Merck CEO Ken Frazier for walking out of the President’s manufacturing council. The Times piece, titled, The Moral Voice of Corporate America, claims that the culture wars are back and “White nationalists are on the march,” challenged by the “moral voice” of CEOs like Ken Frazier of Merck Pharmaceutical.

But when the corporate media tried to make Ken Frazier look like a hero, Trump hit back in a tweet, calling on the Merck CEO to fix the company’s “rip-off drug prices.” As the sick media tries to incite a race war, discerning minds can now see the real purveyors of violence and division — the corporate media and the pharmaceutical threats to humanity. (Related: Stay up-to-date with all the medical corruption at BigPharmaNews.com)

The real threats come from powerful pharmaceutical companies like Merck

Merck has easily murdered 100,000 times more than the violence in Charlottesville. The media’s praise of Merck CEO is all theater because the products that Merck pumps out destroy the quality of life of millions around the globe, regardless of skin tone. This CEO is no hero of the people. Even as Merck’s overpriced meds bankrupt countless Americans, Merck’s model of medicine is praised. Even as their SSRI drugs elicit violent impulses, metabolism disruption, and increased suicide rates, they continue to push their dangerous method of psychiatric therapy on the public. In the name of combating depression, SSRIs increase the risk of suicide. Since 2000, 8.83 million suicides have unfolded, a large percentage linked to psychiatric drugs and their exacerbation of mental illness.

Even as Merck’s vaccine products damage children for life with no judicial accountability, the media continues to herald the products as life-saving. Why is this company still in business? It was their Vioxx that poisoned 80 million and murdered many, doubling the risk of heart attack and stroke in those who took the drug. For five ruthless years, Merck’s finest knew all about the dangers of Vioxx, but the drug was allowed to poison and kill anyway, day after day.

Merck also has their hand in the addictive, deadly opioid crisis, another issue President Trump is trying to tackle. President Trump has also questioned the CDC’s increasing vaccine schedule, which dictates pediatric care in the US. Merck benefits from the disease scare propaganda played through the media, while pushing needless and toxic vaccines that provide no statistical protection against the diseases they purport to protect against, including Hepatitis A or B, measles, mumps, meningitis, rotavirus, and influenza. The study found that the intense vaccine schedule only increases allergies, seizures, ear infections, pneumonia, and neurological issues in children. If the country wasn’t run by a pharmaceutical dictatorship, then these junk science vaccines would be pulled from the market and nutrition would be the standard of care to improve children’s health.

But real issues such as these aren’t addressed because the pharmaceutically-controlled corporate media distracts the gullible with divisive, fake non-issues. As Merck’s products maim countless people around the globe, their CEO gets praised as a hero.

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